Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beer is Community

I drink local beer because it is an extension of building and supporting my community. Sure, beer (as does any alcohol) certainly helps me relax after a long day or is incredibly refreshing post-run. But there is something different about drinking local (craft) beer. There are the people you meet, local brewers and breweries I become fans of, and opportunity to support a business that employs local workers.
Additionally, I’ve yet to find a local brewery that in some form of fashion isn’t involved in and supports their local community-whether through donating beer, providing raffle items, organizing their own fundraiser or fun run.

So essentially it all comes full circle (insert fancy flow chart here)-I spend money on local beer, they pay their local workers who then spend money in the community, and said breweries buy goods and services locally. 


Then there is the taste. Local beer simply tastes better because brewers are focused on the art and craft of brewing. They often use local ingredients, production is more focused on quality rather than quantity, and you can drink it fresh.  

And the chase, don’t forget the chase. There is nothing like trying to score the latest new release. It’s comparable to waiting for that special Tuesday when your favorite band’s newest album was going to drop. Sometimes you would line up outside the record store (remember them?) patiently waiting for the doors to open. For me, this is the same experience as scoring the newest local release.

The local beer community-brewers, store & bar staff, and fellow fans including a ton of runners-is one of the most solid group of folks I’ve met. They are quick to set aside a rare release for you, support your local initiatives, and relish in the good times of sharing a fresh pint of beer.

Local beer is all about community.


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