Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Boston bound, again

I have decided to run the Boston Marathon again as a preemptive strike to regretting not running it come marathon weekend. The Boston Marathon is one of the biggest weekends for (all) runners who are blind/visually impaired (B/VI) so it is a highlight of my running calendar. Well over 20 athletes who are B/VI run Boston and we have an entire weekend of fun and social events. 

Although I am a qualified runner, I have decided for the third straight year to run with Team With a Vision and raise money for my work, the Massachusetts Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired (MABVI). Check out my fundraising page for why I am running to support MABVI (hint: it is not because I work there). I am also thrilled to be sharing the Boston Marathon experience with my fellow Topo Athletic Ambassador Francis David. Francis has kindly volunteered to be me sighted guide for the entire Marathon!!! More on this soon.

I am fully aware that I have asked a lot of my friends and family over the past couple of years between marathon fundraising and asks to support my skiing adventure. So this year I have to make it interesting and therefore I am raffling of a number of prizes to those who contribute to my campaign.

The first item is a terrific hair cut and color donated by my fabulous sighted guide and talented stylist Cory Gardner and MOP Salon. If you donate this week and next you will be entered to win this prize valued at $165!!! Every $20 donation gets you one entry and $50 gets you three. You can donate here.

Check back every couple of weeks as I will raffle off a number of gifts (running shoes, beer, restaurant certs, etc). Not all gifts will be for just Boston folks! Thanks for your support and Happy Running. 

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